A New Year and a New Website and Blog

January 17, 2011

In the studio

This past year was one I will always remember. We had such an incredible season with some of the most amazing clients. The pictures are a huge reminder of how lucky I am to live what I love!

With the start of 2011 comes some exciting changes for True Event! We have been working hard with (a)squared studio to redesign and launch a new website and blog and while we aren’t ready to share it with you all yet (teasers coming soon), we are getting close!

Another exciting change is our small team continues to grow, I am so excited to have found Miss Abby Capalbo (a recent bride of ours, that instantly became an incredible friend, and partner) She has joined True Event full time as a senior coordinator/stylist and will be going down this incredible journey with me as we live passionately through design, pursue our dreams, and along the way always remember to make time in between the work… to laugh often, shop til we drop, taste lots of new and interesting wines and run til we cross the finish… oh and always remember to be TRUE. 2011 we are ready for you to be more memorable than 2010!

Until we get the new stylish site up and running, you can find what we are up to here on our new (yet temporary blog). And don’t you know we are kicking this week off with some of our favorite weddings from 2010. Get ready for a good healthy daily dose of delightful details!